Our Products

Software that just works...

We build software that is easy to use, and easy to maintain.

We build software that is secure, and fast.

We build software that is cross-platform, and cross-device.

We build software that is cross-cloud, and cross-network.

We build software that is cross-protocol, and cross-language.

We build software that is cross-vertical, and cross-horizontal.

We build software that is cross-ecosystem and that just works.

Local Notion

A utility that downloads Notion content from the cloud and renders it to local storage. Local Notion can be used for backing up Notion workspaces, using Notion as a website CMS and for e-book authoring.

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BlockchainSQL Server

BlockchainSQL Server gives you the blockchain as an SQL database. Easily build your analytics and BI platform without ever worrying about protocols again.

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Auto Mouse

Auto Mouse is a background utility designed to alleviate the strain associated with overuse of a computer mouse. It totally changes the way you operate your mouse by shifting the ergonomic workload from your mousing hand to your keyboard hand.

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