Our Services

We build quality software on-time and on-budget

We build quality software that just works!

We deploy IT infrastructure that scales

We deploy IT infrastructure that's reliable

We design the next-generation of technology

We design user experiences that drive adoption

We solve complex problems across verticals

We solve complex problems across horizontals

We explore solution spaces for solutions that scale

We explore solution spaces for solutions that are extensible

We explore solution spaces for solutions that just plain work!

We deliver succesful outcomes on-time and on-budget!


Blockchain Technology Development

We offer expert consulting and development services on all aspects of blockchain/DLT projects.

web3 layer-1 layer-2 dApps bridges NFTs ERC-20 ERC-721 ERC-1155 solidity ethereum polkadot moonbeam wallets exchange-backend smart-contracts

NFT Development

Full-Stack MVP Development

POC Development

Enterprise Blockchain Development

UI/UX Design

Smart Contract Development

Blockchain Consulting

Token Development

Blockchain Integrations

Cryptographic Analysis


Desktop Software Development

We build desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. We also build server-driven and database-driven applications.

.NET RAD native-ux cross-platform app-store ready native-aot win-forms wpf maui avelonia blazor-hybrid c# c/c++ rust pascal

    .NET 7 Apps

    Blazor Hybrid Development

    MAUI Development

    Multi-language codebases

    Cross-Platform Solutions

    Win, macOS & Linux

    WinForms/WPF/Avelonia UI

    App Store Packaging & Publishing


App Development

We develop quality apps for iOS & Android smartphones and tablets. We also build mobile-optimized websites and web apps.

iOS Android MAUI Xamarin.Forms Xamarin Native Flutter Blazor Hybrid cross-platform Native-UX

Native App Development

VR App Development

Game Development

No Code Development

Hybrid App Development

iOS App Development

Android App Development

Progressive App Development


Web Development

We build websites, web applications and cloud-based systems.

html5 responsive reactive progressive SPA bootstrap notion-cms dynamic saas javascript typescript

    ASP.NET Development

    Blazor Development

    Notion-driven Websites

    SPA Development

    eCommerce Applications

    Static Websites

    Backend Development

    AWS/Azure Architectures


Enterprise Systems

We build enterprise-class systems that scale to millions of users.

microservices sql nosql docker kubernetes mongo-db postgressql mssql oracle nservicebus aws azure json-api N-tier design-patterns orm

Monolithic Architectures

Broker Architectures

Fast SQL Databases

Cloud-based Solutions

Microservices Architectures

Data Lakes & Warehouses

On-Premise Solutions


IT Services

We evaluate, design, plan and implement IT infrastructure and systems.

Windows Server Linux VMWare Hyper-V Cloud On-Premises DevOps Docker Kubernetes

    Hardware Procurement

    Server Deployment


    Containers and Clusters

    Network Structuring and Segmentation

    Backup Solutions

    Auditing and evaluation of existing systems



We offer consulting for the full-spectrum of the software development life-cycle. From requirements & design to deployment, our experience helps deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

Business Consulting

Notion Consulting

Web3 Consulting

IT Consulting

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