Full-Stack Development

Mobile, Desktop & Web

Blockchain Development

Layer-1's, Layer-2's & DApps

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Sphere 10 Software

Offering Premier Software Development & IT Consulting

Specializing in Web3 & Blockchain

We Build Mobile, Desktop, Web & Enterprise Apps

Our Clients Range From Small Business to Large Enterprise

We Focus On

Technology Development

We research & develop the next-generation computing technologies

algorithms blockchains consensus protocols cryptography post-quantum crypto digital signature schemes dynamic merkle trees IoT hardware data-sync DBMS integration-brokers web-frameworks design-patterns UI-frameworks

Service Delivery

We solve problems for small, medium and large enterprise

web3 apps software smart-contracts web2 IoT l1-blockchains l2-blockchains dapps bridges h/w design IT devops multi-media consulting mobile-apps desktop-apps notion-apps

Product Development

We create products for all users and all platforms

utilities cryptocurrencies wallets cms notion-tools data-sync tools


The tools we use to get the job done

At Sphere 10 we use the use the best tools for the job focusing primarily on the .NET stack

.NET 7 ASP.NET Core C# Polkadot Ethereum Solidity Moonbeam Notion Rasp-Pi Android iOS HTML5 Javascript Frameworks Docker Kubernetes Delphi/Pascal C/C++ Haskell MSSQL PostgresSQL LevelDB and much more…

We work with companies large and small

Our customers include some of the largest tech companies in the world.

The above list includes actual customers who have either purchased one of our products or engaged our consulting services.


Let us show you

We build your product and the infrastructure to support your product

We train your staff and hand-over quality built systems that just work

Engage us on flexible pay-per-hour or pay-per-deliverable terms

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