Token Management Platform

Sphere 10 Software was contracted to build a blockchain-based token management platform called Rizomic. This white-label platform allows enterprises to deploy token solutions in a blockchain-agnostic manner.

Users can issue, burn, transfer and explore their tokens directly through Rizomic which performs all blockchain-operations under-the-hood. Since users are fully isolated from the underlying blockchain that stores their tokens, the system permits token issuers to migrate tokens between blockchains via mass burn/issuance operations.

The key innovation proposed and implemented by Sphere 10 was the “Blockchain Abstraction Layer” which isolates users from the underlying blockchain, and permits future blockchains to “plug-n-play” in a seamless manner.

This enterprise system was designed, developed and delivered within 7 months and comprised of web, mobile and API front-ends with N-tier and microservices backend. The system was delivered with UTXO (Color Coin) and EVM (ERC-20) token engines.

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