Sphere 10 Software co-developed PascalCoin, a next-generation / experimental cryptocurrency designed for global adoption on ordinary consumer devices. We solved the scalability issues affecting other cryptocurrencies.

PascalCoin is account-based blockchain that mirrors how traditional bank accounts work. The blockchain is used to build a secondary data-structure (which maintains the account states) allowing the blockchain to be deleted.

The primary innovation of PascalCoin is the ability for it’s blockchain to be deleted whilst retaining almost all of it’s cryptographic security.

💡 It is like pruning except without the need to retain the original chain for initial synchronizations.

Sphere 10’s contributions are many and focused on architectural improvements that solve scaling and introduce compelling new Layer-2 use-cases.

Please refer to the whitepapers for more information


Sphere 10's contributions to the Pascal Coin

Sphere 10 Software was deeply involved in the Pascal Coin project and our contributions ranged covered technical, business and management aspects.



  • Founding of PascalCoin Foundation to oversee development and infrastructure roll-out.
  • Project commissioning of Blaise Wallet
  • Project commissioning of Vue Wallet.
  • Project commissioning of RHMiner, a C++ optimized RandomHash miner.
  • Development of general-purpose Agreement for governing funding grants.


  • Implementation of a (quasi) Decentralized Autonomous Organization to allow community to propose projects and appropriate funding.
  • Roll-out of a 50% inflation reduction of Pascal after being released for over a year.
  • Roll-out of a 20% developer reward for Pascal after being released for over a year
  • Team management of an open-source project involving 3 full-time developers, 3 part-time developers and other supporting contributors.
  • Development management using Trello, GitHub and Git-Flow process.
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