Atomic Swaps

Sphere 10 Software designed and developed an atomic-swap technology for state-based blockchains (such as PascalCoin and EVM-based chains).

Atomic swaps are a smart-contract technology that enable the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without using intermediaries such as 3rd party exchanges. Atomic swaps occur as smart-contract events within the respective blockchains in a cryptographically secure manner. Atomic swaps are cornerstone of DEX capability.

Sphere 10 designed and implemented atomic swap capability into Pascal version 5 via the in-protocol account exchanging mechanism. An Account can be time-locked and hash-locked to a counterparty granting that counterparty the option to take ownership of that account (or the coins within) by simply unlocking the hash-lock within the time-lock period.

For more information, please read the Account-based Atomic Swapsspecifiation and refer to the PascalCoin whitepaper.

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