The practice of yoga can bring many benefits, including pain relief from repetitive strain injuries.  Yoga is a philosophical practice that must begin with learning fundamental techniques in order to contribute to your well-being and assist in pain relief.  The total relaxation of your mind and body is required to achieve inner peace, revitalize your nervous system, and give you a feeling of complete serenity.  These techniques have been found to bring much needed relief to those suffering from emotional distress and pain, especially RSI.

The human body is designed to move freely and exercise.  For many people this becomes quite difficult due to repetitive strain injuries.  Yoga, practiced in the correct manner, can improve your circulation and increase the flexibility of your muscles and joints.  This combined with proper breathing techniques and relaxation methods can provide relief from the pain associated with RSI.  The combination of correct breathing and the stretching and conditioning of your muscles and joints can give much needed relief from the pain caused by repetitive strain injuries.

Yoga also requires close monitoring of your diet.  Experienced yoga practitioners believe that what you eat is closely related to your spiritual health and awareness.  A balanced diet is essential to physical and spiritual harmony.  Yoga principles include eating moderately and only natural, healthy foods.  Maintaining a healthy body and mind are closely related in the practice of yoga.

Those who can attest to the effectiveness of yoga for pain relief believe that the way you think strongly affects you way of living and your well-being.  Meditation is an integral part of yoga and will help you eliminate negative thoughts and gain control over your own thoughts and feelings.   The use of yoga as a means to relieve pain and help heal strained muscles is widely accepted and recommended by health professionals around the world.  Physicians frequently recommend yoga as an effective treatment of RSI in addition to traditional treatment methods such as physical therapy and medication.

Tension and tightness in the muscles can be a contributing cause of repetitive strain injury.  Yoga can help in the prevention of RSI though the stretching and toning of the major muscle groups.  Poor posture and limited mobility will only increase the effects of RSI.  The breathing and stretching exercises taught in yoga are very beneficial in correcting some of these imbalances, thus reducing the occurrence of repeated injury to muscles.   Yoga allows you to connect with your body and tune into your senses.  The practice of yoga as a preventative measure or treatment for RSI can be one of the more productive ways to combat this problem.

You will build overall strength in your body and increase your flexibility by learning about and practicing yoga.  There are numerous resources that will show you basic yoga techniques.  Learning the breathing and stretching exercises taught in yoga combined with proper diet and mental serenity can give you positive results in the quest to prevent and relieve pain caused by RSI.  If your goal is to avoid RSI or if you already suffer from a repetitive strain injury, it is absolutely necessary to take a break from whatever activity caused your injury and stretch the muscles and eliminate tension.

Yoga can be a wonderful way to reduce pain and avoid injury, and achieve an overall balance in your health, body, and mind.   Yoga has been practiced for centuries in countries throughout the world.  If you have a repetitive strain injury are feel you are at risk, some simple yoga exercises and breathing techniques can be of great use to you.

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