The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is considered by some to be a life-changing, miraculous type of therapy that can relieve pain and discomfort very quickly. This hands-on technique is extremely gentle and can be used on anyone, from infants to the elderly. The Bowen Technique is very different from massage, chiropractic, or acupressure in that the practitioner gently manipulates the tissues and muscles and in between each set of manipulations, the practitioner leaves the room. The combination of the gentle manipulations and the pauses in the treatment are the trademarks of the Bowen Technique.

Those who suffer from RSI can benefit from the use of the Bowen Technique because it offers quick, long-lasting pain relief and most conditions respond in just a few treatments. The Bowen Technique can also speed recovery time after surgeries and traumatic injuries. The medical community has recognized the effectiveness of the Bowen Technique and it is often used with traditional medical practices to assist in healing. In using the Bowen Technique to relieve the pain caused by RSI and other conditions, the practitioner uses thumbs and finger to make a series of specific movements across the tendons and muscles in the body. The amount of pressure used will vary from patient to patient but will not be invasive or uncomfortable in any way. The Bowen Technique can be performed directly on the skin or through lightweight clothing and uses no oils or lotions, making it perfect for elderly or fragile patients.

The theory of what makes the Bowen Technique effective is that it connects the mind and body through nerves and receptors. The moves performed on the body are designed to create a restoration of the structural integrity between the brain and the body, thus reducing discomfort and restoring a harmonic balance. The Bowen Technique teaches that when certain areas of the mind and body are out of sync, pain and illness are the result. By gently manipulating the muscles and tendons, the body is able to re-tune itself and healing is the result. RSI is especially painful and troublesome for those who suffer from the effects. The Bowen Technique has been shown to be highly effective in helping alleviate the pain and help prevent further injury.

The Bowen technique is very different from other types of therapy. Traditionally during any kind of physical therapy, the practitioner exerts his will upon the patient. A diagnosis is made and treatment plan is recommended and the patient follows accordingly. The Bowen technique allows the body to determine what is wrong and how to go about solving the problem. Many conditions that the patient was previously unaware of can be healed due to the body restoring the lines of communication to that particular area. The Bowen technique does use certain moves for certain ailments, but in general a restoration of the communication between the brain and the body are what causes healing and wellness.

The Bowen Technique is safe and effective for all people of all ages. Asthma, back pain, and pain due to repetitive strain injuries respond particularly well to the Bowen Technique. but no condition is excluded. The Bowen Technique stresses the fact that given the opportunity, the body will heal itself when the lines of communication are restored between the brain and the body. The use of the Bowen Technique has become more frequent in recent years. The treatment of RSI can be significantly shorter and pain eliminated quickly from just a few treatments.

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