Mouse Techniques

The first technique to lessen mouse strain is to avoid the mouse whenever possible. The keyboard allows you to distribute the necessary workload over both hands. Using hotkeys and key commands not only lessens your muscle workload but improves your efficiency too.

When using a mouse the following techniques significantly lessen the strain:

  • When clicking, moving the cursor around the screen in circles a few times after the click provides a tiny exercise. This helps relieve strain from the click itself.
  • Avoid resting your wrist and forearms when moving the mouse.
  • Move the mouse from your shoulder.
  • Avoid gripping the mouse tightly, instead hold the mouse gently with all your fingers.
  • Avoid lifting your smallest finger when using the mouse.
  • Click the mouse buttons gently and patiently.
  • Ergonomic software - working at a computer can be hypnotic, and often you don't realize how long you've been working and how much you've been typing and mousing. RSI Warrior is a fantastic ergonomics software package which runs in the background and monitors how much you’ve been using the computer and then prompts you to take a rest break at appropriate intervals. It also suggests simple exercises for you to do during this break.

The program Auto Mouse can dramatically reduce the amount of strain from mouse use. User feedback on this particular feature is very encouraging. The strain reduction is so significant that people completely debilitated were able to resume their normal occupational activities with major pain reduction and no significant productivity loss. Learning to use this feature properly may be the saving grace you’ve been looking for.

Auto Mouse works by allowing the user to click the mouse automatically when the mouse stops moving and to move the mouse using hotkeys.

This feature is particularly useful for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, trigger finger and deQuervain syndrome sufferers, and for its prevention.

Hands hurt from clicking your mouse all day? Try Auto Mouse.
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