Since many repetitive strain injuries are diagnosed as soft-tissue injuries, treatments that focus on those tissues can be helpful. Massage is beneficial in numerous ways. Massage is a type of therapy that can relieve stress, lessen pain, help prevent injury, and speed the healing process. In certain cases, massage therapy can eliminate or reduce the need for surgery or pain medication. Massage is a natural healing mechanism for various illnesses and injuries, including repetitive strain injuries. The gentle kneading and stretching motions improve circulation and reduce tension, and can improve joint movements.

Inflammation, muscle strain, and tendonitis can be greatly reduced through the use of massage. Therapeutic massage can be used to prevent injury that is caused by muscle strain and unnatural movements. Secondary pain that results from muscle injury, pregnancy, and repetitive muscle strains can be quite pronounced when left untreated. Headaches and lower back pain can be greatly reduced through the use of regular massage.

The reduction of stress is a major consideration for millions of people. Stress is the reason for a lack of energy, insomnia, and can even aggravate the symptoms of asthma. By reducing stress, you also reduce the likelihood of illness and injury. Stress can be the underlying cause of many types of discomfort and injury. The reduction of stress is important to your mental, as well as physical, well-being. Due to the healing properties associated with massage, it is often used as a treatment for drug addiction and as a tool in psychological counselling.

Muscle cramps, aching shoulders, and muscle tightness can be relieved through the use of therapeutic massage. Some massage techniques eliminate muscle pain by stretching and kneading the muscles directly while other massage techniques stimulate the nervous system, allowing the muscles to relax. After exercise or vigorous movement, the muscles may experience a build up of waste products created by the body. Massage can help eliminate these waste materials and increase circulation.

Muscles that are tight and contracted can cause pain or tingling the extremities. Massage can stop the muscle spasms that are the cause of this pain and tingling. Muscle and ligament sprains caused by accidental injury and repetitive motions can be virtually cured through the use of therapeutic massage. Massage can greatly reduce inflammation by bringing nutrients and improved circulation to the muscles. Some massage techniques can actually limit the formation of scar tissue that commonly surrounds muscle injuries.

By relieving tension and muscle tightness, massage can actually be used to prevent new injuries. Muscle groups that are tight and stressed can cause you to favor one side of the body or another and actually contribute to new or repeated injuries. Massage is a wonderful preventative measure that will help guard against repetitive strains and injuries.

Repetitive strain injury can be quite painful and cause crippling disability. Prevention and early treatment are the best ways to relieve the pain caused by RSI. Massage can reduce the discomfort and inflammation caused by repetitive strain injury, and can help prevent future injuries. Massage will allow for greater flexibility of the joints and muscles and can provide much needed relief from RSI. Repetitive strain injuries are a common affliction among millions of people. The use of massage therapy for treatment of RSI is quite effective.

Massage can be used to assist in pain management for afflictions such as scoliosis and improper posture caused by abnormalities of the spine. The benefits of massage are far- reaching and widely accepted among the medical community. Therapeutic massage is not only for the rich and indulgent. Massage can enhance the immune system and is a very effective means of preventing and treating repetitive strain injuries. Repetitive strain injury is an issue for not only athletes, but for people from all walks of life. Massage therapy is an industry in itself and can benefit people in every age and socio-economic group.

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