Dietary Changes

A significant amount of RSI sufferers have either improved or cured their entire condition by changing their diet. This is not to say that RSI is entirely a nutritional disorder, but empirically it seems that major health improvements can be realized by adopting a healthy diet. Healthy diets seem to knock-out health problems one after the other, like a domino effect.

Inside natural foods (like vegetables, fruits, etc) lie hundreds of thousands of different types of macro-molecules. Some of them known and their functions known, some of them known and their functions unknown but almost all of them are unknown and their functions unknown.  For example a tomato has 10,000 other chemicals in it, most which researchers are trying to isolate, identify, and study. This clearly implies that natural foods contain nutritional properties essential to proper anatomical functioning, but properties not yet completely understood. This is why a healthy diet is absolutely essential even if there are no obvious health problems.

So what is a healthy diet? Remarkably it seems that the traditional Western view on diet may have been massively wrong. According to this view, the primary nutritional sources should consist of simple carbohydrate foods; foods like bread, cereal, pasta, etc. Secondary sources should consist of vegetables and fruits. Minor sources should be meats, yogurt, eggs, nuts, etc.

Due to the increasing discontent with the status quo and the empirical success of alternative diets, nutritional science has undergone a revolution over the last decade.  Unfortunately consensus is rarely reached on this issue and today you will find all sorts of groups advocating all sorts of diets, each one claim to the holy-grail, each one disputed by the other. Luckily, using common sense one can derive what a good diet is supposed to be.  If the human organism has been evolving for millions of years, chances are good that a healthy diet is simply something similar to what we have been eating for all those years.  That what we eat today is remarkably different than what we used to eat all those years ago clearly indicates that modern diet is perhaps the number one source of all health problems - health problems increasingly prevalent in modern times.

Refined-sugar foods like most junk-foods should not be consumed more than as an occasional luxury. Ideally, they should not be consumed at all. Simple carbohydrate foods like breads, pastas, cereals, and most grains should be a minor aspect of a diet. These foods are not natural foods, they are man-made foods.

Primary food sources should include more unprocessed foods like raw vegetables and fruits, increased protein, reduced bad fats and increased good fats. Also, vitamin and mineral supplements are very useful to compensate for the depleted soils our natural food is grown in.
In the context of RSI, many people make claim that such diet alterations brought major health improvements and RSI relief.  After at least 2 months, improvements in RSI symptoms were realized. It is always beneficial to supplement a healthy diet with a healthy exercise regime. A change of lifestyle of this magnitude has solved RSI problems for many people.
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